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Powerful terminals and touchscreens with Windows by Balea.

DCO60, touchscreen laptop with Windows embedded made for extreme and intense environments.

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Weigh with embedded Windows.

DCO60 gives you all benefits of Windows XP Professionnel.  Management of users profile via LDAP or AD, integration on the network like a regular PC but with a significant faster time of ignition/extinction.

Useful and ergonomic.

Robust side validation buttons and 8 inches colour touchscreen.
The DCO60 gathers all your working applications on truck.


Intel Atom N2600 Processor, 2 Go DDR3 RAM and 32 Go SSD Hard Drive


2 USB 2.0 ports
1 RJ45 port.


Wifi card and Bluetooth classe I (option)

Touch screen

8 inch touchscreen with 800 x 600 resolution


Weigh with embedded Windows

DCO60 : Touchscreen Laptop with Windows embedded.

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DCO200, Mobile device with Windows embedded.

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Strong, powerful and compact.

Designed to be set up on industrial trucks, the DCO200 is mobility oriented with its hard drive strengthened with additional 32Gb, its WiFi card and its «Dual Diversity» modemounting of antennas.

Ergonomy and Connectivity.

Its « Ultra Slim » design and its rubber contour make it possible to preserve the safety of the operators in tough configurations.
The DCO200 can host all professional applications requiring physical devices such as embedded weighing, barcode scanners or RFID readers..


Intel Core2duo T7400 2.16 GHz, 2 Go DDR2 RAM.


1 RJ45 Ethernet port, 3 RS232 ports,
4 USB1 ports, 1 RS485 port.


Wifi and Bluetooth classe I (100m).


12,1 inches with 1024 x 768 resolution


Tactil terminal with Windows embedded

DCO200 : robust, powerful touchscreen by Balea.

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