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Important COVID-19 notice :
BALEA business continuity and recovery plan

Dear Customer and Partners,

As we have committed to do in previous communications, we are returning to share with you our operational organization in today’s environment.

Since mid-May, Balea has been organizing for a progressive return to activity while guaranteeing the safety and preserving our team’s health.

We remain fully mobilized and we can announce today a global full capacity of our plant.

We have set up a new efficient 100% digital organization for the administrative, commercial services, and support.

You can contact us at the following addresses:

  • Administrative requests and commercial follow-up:
  • Accounting inquiries:

Thank you for your confidence in us. We are looking forward to working with you again.

Vassili COSMAS – Managing Director

Specialist in order picking solutions with weight control.
Optimize and control your physical flows in warehouses with Balea’s equipment.

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Balea Logistics Innovator

More than 25 years of experience…

With 3 competence poles, Balea group is able to meet the needs in order to obtain quality and productivity with different solutions. With software, hardware and organizational solutions, Balea group directly provides an added value and to ensure quickly a return on investment.

Balea manufactures all our products. Hardware and software are designed to work together. With this choice we ensure total control of the various components of the solution.

Innovation is Balea’s DNA.

Hardware Solutions

Balea provide innovative logistics weighing solutions for logistics. From weighing trolleys to high-tech order pickers, we offer a full range of robust and efficient equipment for your warehouses.

Software Solutions

Our powerful and intuitive professional software solutions are based on years of field experience. We have the answer whether you’re looking for for a complete solution that offers 100% compliance across all physical flows in your warehouse, or adding control and data transmission between your scale and your WMS.

Organizational Solutions

Consulting, audit, training, follow-up …. Balea optimize your supplychain. We offer concrete and sustainable solutions to the logistics business. Our consultants guide your operational strategy with diagnosis and advices.

Balea customers feedback…

FM Logistic choose Balea’s innovative solutions to meet the quality requirements of its customers.
FM Logistic and its client, L’Oréal, worked with Balea, a specialist in on-board weighing, to deploy weighing control picking solutions.
Thanks to the collaboration between Customer – Provider and Supplier, a reliable, economical and innovative solution has been born.


With a double concern for productivity and quality Atrya choose Balea’s and it’s experience in order picking process.
The SOLEA solution, with its the Shopeurs, has become obvious.
These trolleys allows simultaneous preparation : 3 orders for 3 different customers in a single pass.
Christophe Baur says « adopted very quickly by all users, Shopeur is now legitimate in our warehouses » .


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