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Balea Solutions :
A brand valued and satisfied customers.

Improve your image and your flows

Based on requirements and quality, the logistics of the Luxury and Cosmetics sector is required to be as efficient and as pragmatic as possible.
Our years of experience in these domains allow us to offer adapted logistical solutions.

Control and quality: Balea’s spirit

A firm seeking to improve its reputation can enhance its image by enhancing its logistics.

Balea brings you all the requisite technicals tools for supervision and control.

Balea’s controls

What ?

Scan control

Where ?

Hand passing control
(according to models)

How many ?

Weight control

Equipment Creator

Shopeurs, e-Shopeurs, TPG, TPE…the range of Balea equipment dedicated to order preparation always offers the right solution according to your technical requirement.

Solea experience

Quality, Profitability and Control

Optimize and control your physical flows with the Solea global solution. Intercept order picking errors, track your products, optimize handling, these are few of  Solea system  quality.

Find out Balea’s equipment

Weighing kit for pallet truck.
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Multi-order trolleys
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Multi-order trolleys
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Multi-order trolleys
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Luxury and Cosmetic order picking

Our teams help you in the implementation of sustainable solutions.

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