Balea provides solutions in line with the regulatory requirements of the chemical industry and Pharmacy.

Regulation control compliance

Working in a clean, sanitary environment with impeccable hygiene, the players in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector face strict European and national regulations. The logistics of the sector must also adapt to « sensitive » products (explosives, toxic products, etc.).
With this in mind, Balea develops adapted solutions in line with regulated usage.

Control and profitability

Balea’s registered and patented control algorithms offer impressive accuracy, especially in the preparation of drugs. Together with the management of other processes that complement picking, such as traceability (with control of the manufacturing or DLUO batches), performance and quality of execution are ensured.

Controls by Balea

What ?

Scan control

Where ?

Hand detection control
(according to model)

How many ?

Weight control

Balea expertise at the service of the pharmaceutical and chemical sector

Weighing kit for counter balance trucks, orders pickers embedded weighing, Shopper and e-Shopeur for order detail…
Balea offer plenty of solutions

Solea L.E.

Real-time control information

With Balea products, precise filling is possible based on the type of raw materials.
Everything is integrated into a single workflow, and since the scales are approved for regulated usage, the instructions are compatible with the company’s internal requirements for the instrumentation.

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Multi-order picking
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Multi-order picking
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Multi-order picking
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