A new generation of e-commerce
multi order picking trolley.

Pick and Control up to 24 orders
at the same time with the e-Shopeur F.


A Customer Testimonial :
L’Oréal Canada and Balea‘s new generation of e-commerce multi order picking trolley.

Flexibility within your process.

The e-Shopeur is adjustable and «scalable ».
He owns « Put To Light » displays,
They support « plug & play » technology.

e-Shopeur F innovation : the Triple check.

The e-Shopeur improves the Efficiency and secures the Quality.
The Triple check revolution allow 99,95% of conformity.

What ?

Scan control

Where ?

Hand detection control

How many ?

Weight control

e-Shopeur F adaptability.

The e-Shopeur F is available in 3 levels or in 4 levels
to suit your container’s size and
optimize your picking.

#Qualitivity by Balea.

Increase the number of picking, by growing productivity
as well as the picking quality.
The e-Shopeur F is the result of Balea’s technological innovations.

Perfect mix between Efficiency and Ergonomy.

Light and handy, the trolley is equipped with an integrated packing board
and a variety of options.
Discover the perfect maniability with
double mode driving position (regular or step by step mode)

e-Shopeur F revolution.

Now pick fast, accurate and safe.

Motorized Wheel

The Balea motorized wheel can be integrated into all Balea’s Shopeurs and e-Shopeurs. It provides assistance in the movement of the picking trolley (forward and reverse mode).
With the Overdrive, picking has never been so easy.

e-Shopeur F revolution!

The new generation of order picking preparation.

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