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The logistics of products with high added value requires adapted and customised solutions. Balea secures your order picking using control and traceability resources. We optimise storage space and travel in order to make your logistic unit more efficient.

Optimal order preparations

Combining information technologies with reinforced equipment designed  for the logistics industry, Balea’s solutions substantially increase the level of quality of your oder picking.
Whether you use voice terminals, radios or paper picking, our solutions allow you to create even more value and enhance performance in multiple areas for improvement.

Balea‘s controls

What ?

Scan control

Where ?

Hand detection control
(according to models)

How many ?

Weight controls

High-tech equipment for ever more innovative processes.

Weighing kit for counter balance trucks, orders pickers embedded weighing, Shopper and e-Shopeur for order detail…
Balea offer plenty of solutions.

Solea L.E.

With the Solea L.E., it is possible to optimise the control of the physical actions of picking. This means either adding the weighing function to an existing system with the concept of W.a.a.C. (Weighing as a Component) or offering a complete package for all warehouse flows with the concept of W.C.S (Warehouse Control System) by adapting the various requirements through customised scenarios featuring a sequence of steps (Workflow) together with adaptive controls (WorkItems).

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Multi-order picking
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Multi-order picking
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Multi-order picking
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Multi-order picking
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Weighing for warehouse trucks
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Order pickers
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