Global control solutions for Supply Chain.


With 30 years of experience in weighing and more than 15 years in logistics, Balea provides complete logistics solution suitable for your requirements and constraints.  Our projects meet your requirements with quality and provide productivity .
Our solutions are not only innovative, resistant, but also ergonomic as adapted for each order preparation.

Optimal order preparation

In order to achieve an optimal order picking process with  pallets, rolls, totes, boxes or bins, Balea offers a complete range of hardware, software and support solutions .
Our goal is to offer systems meeting these requirements : control, quality and performance.

Balea‘s controls

What ?

Scan control

Where ?

Hand detection control
(according to model)

How many ?

Weight control

Innovative equipment for logistics processes.

Ergonomic, resistant, productive, innovative …
Balea materials and solutions bring a new live for your process.

Solea L.E. experience

Quality, Profitability and control
Optimize and control your physical flows with the Solea global solution. Intercept order picking errors, track your products, optimize handling, these are few of Solea system quality.

Find out Balea’s equipement

Weighing kit
for pallet truck
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Weighing kit for
counter balance trucks
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Multi-order trolleys
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Multi-order trolleys
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Multi-order trolleys
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Order picking with Balea

Our teams assist you in the implementation of innovative solutions.

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