Robustness and Productivity
for multi-customer
and multi-order.


Discover the smart and easy multi order picking solution with the Put To spot.

Adaptability for your
order preparations.

1, 2 or 3 settable displays «plug and play».
The picking quantity is always displayed and the put to light system prevent drop off errors.

Technology for everyone.

Balea’s SDK implement the interface in less than a day ! Balea lets at your disposal a software development kit. Discover the easiness of the IT settings.

One, two ou three orders at the same time.

Optimise the picking process with picking quantity display and put to spot solution.
Smart and easy multi order picking with the Put to Spot.

Put To Spot


With or without weighing

3 corridors

Ingenious multi-weighing system.

Gain 100% of order conformity when you combine the Pick to spot system with Balea’s weighing forks.

Put to Spot

The perfect match between robustness, productivity and weighing control.

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