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In response to environmental concerns, Balea offers innovative and sustainable solutions. With a sector subject to changes in regulations, we simplify the management process for waste and objects at the end of their life cycle. In this procedure, we have developed tools and methods to resolve current problems of pollution, security and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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Today there are large treatment centers which require reliable solutions with accurate and certified measurement in legal usage. Balea provides many of these centres with equipment solutions which are extremely robust and compatible with the gripping tools used in this handling (rotating head, clamp, etc.), but also with pragmatic software.

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With the global Solea L.E. solution, we were able to observe that intercepting order picking errors in a repeated and systematic manner had led to considerable natural gains, but also to a very significant reduction in unnecessary road transport—in other words, all of those deliveries dedicated to managing leftover items from the orders initially delivered with an error. Multiplying the reduction of errors by the picking volume allows extremely significant gains from a financial point of view, but also in environmental terms, since it means using fewer lorries to do the same work, or even to do more work!

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