Multi orders and multi scales,
the Shopeur 335 provide
up to 5 orders with weight control in the same tour.

Pick & Control on each product line.
Increasing the productivity and optimizing the quality with Balea’s Scales.

The Shopeur 335 is optimize for ultra narrow lanes.

All our experience in terms of
handling and ergonomy,
is focused within the Shopeur 335.

Motorized Wheel

The Balea motorized wheel can be integrated into all Balea’s Shopeurs and e-Shopeurs. It provides assistance in the movement of the picking trolley (forward and reverse mode).
With the Overdrive, picking has never been so easy.

OptimisezEmbedded technologies by Balea. Optimize order picking thanks to the DCO60 touchscreen and dedicated apps for a 100% conformity rate.

Gain Productivity and Quality in multi-order picking.

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