Supply chain control solutions

About us

Established by professionnels within the weighing field, Balea researches, develops, designs, manufactures and sells innovative products and solutions in France close to Montpellier since 1987.
Were were the first weighing company to obtain Class III at European level. Balea invests in a significant way into the research and the development.

Our solutions

Weighing embedded solutions for all handling materiel : from hand pallet truck to warehouse truck. Online control, Weight/Volume, Identification and Quality.
Turnkey solutions within the préparation orders, traceability , billing weight/volume and production management and optimization.

Main services

Before and after sales support, Training users, support and maintenance, development according to specifications, Consulting…You have question, we have the answer.


Quality by Balea

Quality and innovative have always been the Balea’s wish. Recognized for performance products, with 19 patents, Balea committed since 2000 in quality approach. Today Balea is certified ISO 9001 conception and manufacturing weighing product in 2008.

Balea also has 2 Approvals Quality System issued by the National Testing Laboratory (LNE), as a manufacturer and repair products. 

Balea Green Legacy

Balea’s teams are keen to preserve our environment for future generations.

We are committed into reducing the environmental impact of our products and to control our energy.

Be human

Exalted, qualified and certified.
Our teams are experts in research and development, project management, engineering, welding, assembly and electronics.

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