Productivity and quality for multi order picking,
with one, two or three Balea’s scales.

Weighing electric pallet truck,
multi pallets and multi clients.

The TPE 2400 weighing control system is performed in real time for two different pallets or three rolls with high precision weighing.

Sharks Separators

The pallets are automatically disassociated by an ingenious system of physical separation.
Sharks Separators is a Balea‘s Patented system.
Two separated pallets, two independent scales, two reliable order.

One, Two or Three scales.
Customize your TPE 2400

« Picker Mixte » option

Mix standard order preparation and detail picking.
Balea add a detail scale
to your weighing Pallet Truck.

Manage your weighing with the DCO60 touchscreen with Windows embedded.

Order pickers for multi pallets and multi clients.

Pick and control two pallets or three rolls with the TPE2400.

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