Accuracy of weighing in your Pallet Truck
with the weighing transformation kit from Balea.

Weighing transformation kit

Respect of manufacturer’s standards, a strong care and special attention is given to the integration of the weighing kit.
Several options available (WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, Printer, DSD Alibi memory, adjustable thresholds…).

Robustness and security.

Designed for intensive use, the TPE
comply manufacturer standard conformity.
Fittable with the last embedded electronics generation.

« Picker Mixte » option

Mix standard order preparation and detail picking.
Balea add a detail scale
to your weighing Pallet Truck.

Choose between a TEO or a DCO60 indicator.

Weighing Pallet Truck Kit

Real time Communication with your Weighing Pallet Truck with Balea.

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