A Balea software suite adapted to your needs.

Picking efficiency

Our software suite optimizes and makes more reliable the management of daily activities, order preparation and dedicated material resources. Our systems are fully adapted, configurable, flexible and intuitive.

What’s more, they are designed to evolve in line with your business needs and to adapt to your market challenges (market regulations, cross, channel, multi & omni channel, reverse logistic, etc.).

Your fleet’s control tower

With our tools, you can manage your business and your entire fleet, from the electric pallet truck for pallet order preparation to the intelligent mobile picking truck for retail cardboard.

The perfect fusion between your equipment and operational systems.

The right-hand of managers and operators

Our software solutions make it possible to prepare all types of customer orders, integrating a dual checkweigher and scanner for each operator gesture in “Pick and Pack” mode. It acts as an assistant to the operator in his work.

Our supervisor module provides managers with an overall view, and enables data-driven optimization.

Discover Balea’s software suite

Solea L.E.

Control Balea forklifts with your WMS or ERP thanks to Solea L.E. software. It provides a seamless interface between your system and our equipment. Our events and scenarios engine adds efficiency and control to Balea picking missions.

Solea WCS

Solea is a WCS (Warehouse Control System) software solution that optimizes the reliability of your order picking processes and dedicated material resources. Fully customizable to match your flow management, Solea WCS evolves with your business needs and adapts to meet the challenges you face.

All controls (weighing, scanning, traceability, etc.) are integrated into the process, adding no extra time. What’s more, the Solea WCS solution is scalable. If activity increases, simply add a cart and nothing else. Solea WCS is easier to use than a smartphone, and accessible to everyone. The ergonomic design of the tool speeds up the learning curve for operators.

Star Node

Create a real link between your software and our hardware thanks to simple interfaces.

Build your customized picking station from a set of Balea hardware and software components: sensors, scales, cameras, LEDs, etc. We offer simple interfaces to link your system to your custom station.

With the Balea suite, 100% of flows are controlled and compliant

Quality improvement

Order massification

Fully scalable solution

Go further with Balea add-ons.


Solea Weight Artificial Intelligence is expert software developed by Balea in collaboration with CNRS and the University of Montpellier through IMAG. It uses artificial intelligence to classify products and dynamically calculate their reference weights based on picking history.
Solea WAI automates weight maintenance tasks in master data using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm specifically developed by Balea.

Hyper Tour

Entrust us with your cartons, and Hyper Tour will optimize your picking rounds, grouping orders with similar products and taking into account logistical flow imperatives (departure times, customer priority, etc.). If your warehouse is mapped, Hyper Tour will work out the optimum and fastest route for your order preparations. Developed in partnership with the CNRS and the University of Montpellier through IMAG, Hyper Tour guarantees you the assurance of a certified calculation method.


A real “Claim killer“. Instapick takes a photo of the carton with each product picked, guaranteeing real-time traceability to meet the most demanding order-picking requirements and ensure unquestionable customer response. Intaspick is available on all Balea equipment.

Balea Suite software, the management solution for all your flows

And that’s not all! We have even more tools to optimize your order preparation.